Hydraulic Oils



The ENV HLP Hydraulic Oil Range is suitable for most hydraulic systems where high levels of anti-wear andprotection are required in conjunction with good service life reliability. They are also suitable for a wide range of other applications where machinery lubricants with excellent anti-wear lubrication and resistanceto degradation in service are required. Applications can include systems incorporating high speed gears and bearings, pumps, blowers and other uses where this type and quality of lubricant can assist with lubricants rationalisation.

The HLP Hydraulic Oil Series are formulated using extremely high quality base oils and incorporates additive treatments to provide excellent service life with protection against corrosion, wear, oxidation and foaming.
2500 Hour TOST life, over twice the life of many conventional mineral oil based hydraulic fluids.

Outstanding cleanliness and purity, guaranteed ISO Cleanliness rating of 21/19/16 or better Excellent protection of machinery and systems against corrosion and wear Excellent service life associated with excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation.